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Presidents Meeting Summary

By February 27, 2018January 19th, 2024General News

Summary of RARA Class President’s Meeting on February 22-23, 2018

RJI Class Members attending:

  • Jeff Turney
  • Rick Vandam
  • Pete Zaccagnino
  • Mike Steiger
  • Minh Venator
  • Steve Picatti

Reno Air Racing Association:

  • Fred Telling appointed as CEO and retains Chairmanship of RARA Board
  • 2017 Race Season resulted in a loss of approx $300K
  • Primarily attributed to low ticket sales due to marketing strategy
  • RARA committed to updating event venue and marketing efforts
  • Added emphasis on leveraging Social Media as additional marketing tool
  • Added emphasis on earlier event promotion through multiple media sources
  • RARA Announced “no reduction” in base purse to classes from 2017
  • Asked for Classes to participate in additional Sponsor Opportunities

Pylon Racing Seminar:

  • PRS will be conducted in 2018
  • Online Registration will be available “on or about” March 1, 2018
    • Registration Packages via RARA Website
  • Scheduled Dates, June 7-10, 2018 (1 less flying day than previous years)
    • June 7: Pilot/Crew Registration and “Rookie” Mass In-brief
    • June 8: “Certified Racer” In-brief and Rookie Academics
    • June 9-10: Race Course open for flight training/certification
    • Discussion to fly later in the day to accommodate for 1 less flying day
  • Runway 8-26 will be closed to all operations due to construction
  • Runway 14-32 full length will be available along with taxiway “B”
  • Runway 18-36 available for Emergency use if needed
  • Max of 5 aircraft permitted on the racecourse
  • Two flying periods per day for each class, no overlap in course times
  • Jet Class anticipates 2 new students to date, and perhaps as many as 5
  • Race Course priority will be given to students
  • RARA “asks” that we keep certified racers to a minimum
  • If you feel you “need” to be there, please attend…
  • Mike Steiger and Pete Zaccagnino will run 2018 PRS for Jet Class
  • Contact Mike @ (281)380-3613, Pete @ (908)391-2001
  • Stay tuned to for further PRS information to follow

RJI / CJAA Pre-PRS Formation Training Program (FAST):

  • Scheduled Dates: June 3-7, 2018 at Stead Airport
  • Hosted again by Aviation Classics, Ltd.
  • June 3: Arrivals
  • June 4: Mass In-Brief, 0830, Aviation Classics Conference Room
  • June 4-6: Formation Flying Events, 2-3 flights per day
    • Emphasis on FAST Formation Procedures
    • Ability to earn/update your FAST Lead or Wing Card
  • June 6-7: RJI Race Formation Training
    • Introduction to RJI Racing Procedures
    •  1 Flight per day to prepare for PRS Flight Training Program
  • Only Runway 14/32 and Taxiway “B” available for Flight Operations
  • Sport Class will also be conducting Flight Operations during the same days
  • Jeff Turney will be managing the FAST Program, contact @: (775)848-3632
  • Stay Tuned to for additional program and Hotel Information

Jet Class:

  • Jets will have 12 race heats again in 2018
  • Jet Pit will expand with additional row to the west
  • Jet Class relieved from current replacement engine restriction
  • No relief from Major Modifications as required by RARA “Rules of Competition”
    • Major Modifications must comply with RARA Section 3: Aircraft Eligibility
    • Major Modifications will be Strictly Enforced by Class, RARA, & FAA
  • Mandate from RARA to enforce 525 MPH FAA Accredited Race Course Speed
    • 1st violation:  Results in Aircraft “DQ” from Qual attempt or Race Finish
    • 2nd violation: Results in Aircraft “DQ” for remainder of the week
  • RJI will revise “Official Rules of Competition” to reflect speed mandate
  • RJI will revise rules to reflect the change to Replacement Engine Restriction
  • Jet Class will form a “Rules Committee” Chaired by Pete Zaccagnino
    • Committee will consist of 5 members
    • Pete will draft a Charter for the Rules Committee
  • Jet Class is producing a Promotional Video for Marketing Purposes
    • Jen Steiger working additional Sponsor Promotions and Video
  • Seeking to bring Honda Jet on as Pace Aircraft Sponsor
  • Jet Class Membership Drive commences on March 1st
    • Membership Dues and Race Number fees due by PRS Start Date
    • Information will posted on our website
  • Goals for 2018:
    • 21 Race Aircraft
    • All-out effort to fund $125K Jet Class Purse through Jet Class Sponsors

Our thanks to everyone for their ideas and effort…see you at the Races!


Jeff Turney