Pylon Racing Seminar

2020 Formation Clinic June 6-9 - 2020 PRS June 10-13

Each year an event is held in June for our members to practice, train and certify new pilots to race in the National Championship Air Races.  The event is commonly referred to as “Rookie School” as this is where all new pilots train to be certified race pilots.  Although, most of the aircraft flown during Pylon Racing Seminar (PRS) are flown by veteran racers to test their aircraft and improve their skills on the course.

If you would like to attend PRS, first you must become of member of Racing Jets Incorporated as well as reserve a race number for your aircraft.  Those things can be done on the Membership page.  Once you are a member, you must complete a PRS application with the Reno Air Race Association found at the link below.

1) Please Read This First –  Instructions for filling out the application – page by page. This is important as it states what areas need to be completed.

2) Payment Authorization Form – All participants need to fill this out unless they are paying by cash or check.


PRS Information

Please visit the Reno Air Race Association for PRS information.

PRS Info

2021 Hotel Information

Racing Jets secures special rates during PRS and race week at the Nugget hotel in downtown Reno.  To reserve a room at the Nugget in downtown Reno, please visit the link below to secure our special Racing Jets discount.  Or, you may call the hotel directly and use the following information to get the same rate.

To reserve a room, either click the button here to book online, or if you would rather call, use the following group code:

Group code: GPRS21

Toll free number:  800.648.1177