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Welcome to Racing Jets Incorporated

Racing Jets Incorporated (RJI) was created to manage the various functions and relationships required to ensure the successful participation of the jet racing community at the Reno National Air Races and other venues. RJI represents the participants in the Jet Class and is dedicated to the furtherance of the interests of the Reno National Air Races, the Jet Class and jet racing as a whole, and wherever possible the individual participants of the Class.

To that end, RJI has been accepted by Reno Air Racing Association (RARA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as the governing organization for the Jet Class for the Reno National Air Races.

RJI has developed a regulated racing format for jet aircraft operators to demonstrate the capabilities of these aircraft and showcase their upgrades, while marketing their products as “The World’s Fastest Motor Sport”

Sharing our passion!

We at Racing Jets Incorporated pride ourselves in sharing these wonderful aircraft with fans of the fastest Motorsport in many ways.  For those Facebook users, you can find a link to our page here or the Facebook icon located next to this text.  Below you will find links to a few of our most recent news items, as well as any updates to our photo and video galleries below.

Quick Links

Here are some quick links for pilots about Pylon Racing Seminar (PRS) and the National Championship Air Races in September.

Pylon Racing Seminar InformationNational Championship Air Races Information

Promotional Video

Reno Air Races on Fox Sports

Go behind the scenes and into the cockpits of the STIHL National Championship Air Races. Below you will find the scheduled air times for all three episodes.  Below that are all three episodes in their entirety from the 2016 STIHL National Championship Air Races.

Episode 1: “Start Your Engines”
Watch the full episode here!

Episode 2: “You Have a Race!”
Watch the full episode here!

Episode 3: “GOLD Races”
Watch the full episode here!

2016 NBC Sports Videos Below

Recent News

Important 2022 Dates

Reno Presidents Conference:  February 25-26
PRS Application Due Date:  April 15
NCAR Application Due Date:  June 26
Reno Jet Formation Warmup By RJI: June 2-5
PRS For Jets: June 5-8
NCAR September: 15-19

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Tribute to Aaron Hogue

| General News | No Comments
A beautiful tribute video put together by the team at The Fighter Pilot Podcast from footage they gathered of Aaron Hogue during the 2022 Reno Air Races.

Blue skies and tailwinds Aaron Hogue

| General News | No Comments
“As some of you may know, we lost a member of our jet racing family on Sunday, September 18th during the final jet race. Aaron Hogue joined our family 2 years ago and had already become an integral part of the jet class, serving as a pilot, sponsor, and mentor to other jet pilots. We are heartbroken for his loss and are asking for prayers for his family during this unspeakably rough time.  Out of respect for his family, I am asking everyone to refrain from posting photos, video, or questions related to the incident. I am part of the…

Additional required documents for your 2021 NCAR Application

| General News | No Comments
This year, we are doing something a bit different for the safety drawings.   1) An "Emergency Extraction Information" example and template is linked below.  You will need to have photos of your aircraft, inside and out, showing where fuel, battery. oil - showing where all haz/mat is located. The example will show what is needed.   2) PRS Attendees - I have your extraction information on file. I do need for you to do the sketch/photo of the side view and top view of aircraft showing where things are located. This page is a quick reference for those that may…

RJI /PRS/ Formation warm up/CJAA

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RJI /PRS/ Formation warm up/CJAA Jet Racers, This letter is to settle confusion and tell you what is happening. The air races, PRS, pre-PRS formation warmup are all still taking place. The only difference is CJAA is not holding their Jet Blast at Reno, RJI is instead holding a formation Warm up event in its place where you will be evaluated on your skills and invited to continue to PRS. The dates are the same 3-5 June 2021. RJI instructor backgrounds consist of USAF fighter pilots who are highly experienced racers and former air bosses along with Navy fighter pilots, FAST Check pilots and…

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