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Mark Johnson “Magic”

Race #555 – Phoenix

L-39 Albatros


Flying has always been a part of my life; I grew up on two different airports with my parents Mooney in the backyard and I have been logging time since I was 12.  I’m an ATP, CFI,CFII,MEI with over 9800+ total flying hour, 3000 of which is military. Military experience; pilot training at Sheppard AFB class 01-07 and went on to fly F-16s with a tour in Irag in 2003 followed by an assignment in F-117s.  My family, wife Sarah, daughter Paige and son Miles live on a grass strip in Cypress TX (TS07) (future pilots in the works).  Currently I’m a corporate pilot in the Houston area and a reservist Instructing in T-38s at Sheppard AFB.  At Reno this year flying “Phoenix” an L-39 Race #555, you will see me pacing the Sport Gold and racing in the Jet Class.