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Welcome to Racing Jets Incorporated

Racing Jets Incorporated (RJI) was created to manage the various functions and relationships required to ensure the successful participation of the jet racing community at the Reno National Air Races and other venues. RJI represents the participants in the Jet Class and is dedicated to the furtherance of the interests of the Reno National Air Races, the Jet Class and jet racing as a whole, and wherever possible the individual participants of the Class.

To that end, RJI has been accepted by Reno Air Racing Association (RARA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as the governing organization for the Jet Class for the Reno National Air Races.

RJI has developed a regulated racing format for jet aircraft operators to demonstrate the capabilities of these aircraft and showcase their upgrades, while marketing their products as “The World’s Fastest Motor Sport”

We at Racing Jets Incorporated pride ourselves in sharing these wonderful aircraft with fans of the fastest Motorsport in many ways.  For those Facebook users, you can find a link to our page here or the Facebook icon located next to this text.  Below you will find links to a few of our most recent news items, as well as any updates to our photo and video galleries below.

2017 Teaser Video

Reno Air Races on NBC Sports

NBC Sports Network created a program that takes viewers behind the scenes and into the cockpits of the 2016 STIHL National Championship Air Races.  View each of the three episodes in their entirety below.

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Wrap-Up 2017 National Championship Air Races

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To: RJI Members Date: September 26, 2017 From: Jeff Turney Re: Wrap-up of the 2017 National Championship Air Races Dear members- Racing Jets Inc., wraps up our successful 2017 racing...

National Championship Air Races 2017

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To:  RJI Members Date:  September 4, 2017 From:  Rick Vandam Re:  National Championship Air Races 2017 Members We are in our last week for preparation for this year National Championship...

NCAR Update 2017

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To: RJI Members Date: Aug 2, 2017 From: Rick Vandam Re: NCAR Update Dear Members- We are now only 5 weeks from the start of the Air Races this year...

NCAR Application Deadline

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To:  RJI Members Date:  July 5, 2017 From:  Rick Vandam Re:  NCAR Application Deadline Racers This is a notice sent out to everyone that the time to get your application...

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2017 Teaser Video

October 7, 2017

2017 Awards Ceremony

October 7, 2017

Photos by Kenn Smith

March 16, 2017